Assalamualaikum everyone,

16/01/2023 was a lecture with dr. ir. Momen about ikhlas. Ikhlas, also means sincerity, is important not only in our deeds for Allah SWT but also in our daily life. Momen also highlighted the importance of having niyyah (intention) tangled with us being ikhlas. There were hadiths and also ayahs from Quran reminding us how important our intention is whenever we want to do something. Having the niyyah for the sake of Allah SWT will make our hearts pure without expecting any returns of our actions from anyone. Momen also explained the danger of riyaa’ and the kinds of things that are not considered riyaa’.

Riyaa’ is doing something for someone to be seen by that person or in other words: ‘showing off’. Small things such as reading a certain surah during your prayer just to please or get appraisal from someone you are praying with are seen as a riyaa’.


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