Our origin

How we started

Islam is the comprehensive and celestial religion as a way of life of Muslims. In scientific advancement, Islam urges people to read and learn on every occasion. Muslims are urged to look into everything in the universe, to travel, investigate, explore and understand them, the better we appreciate and are thankful for all the wonders of God’s creation, the more our human lives improve. The first verse revealed from the Quran, shows how much Islam cares about knowledge: “Read, in the name of your Lord, Who created.” [96:1]. Based on this, a group of international muslim students of the University of Twente put hand in hand together to establish a beautiful community to remember Allah and worship him together while creating the muslim identity on campus. Muslim students and employees of Enschede make up ‘EMSA’, was created as a student, non-profit, scientific and Islam association in May 2001.


May 2001
Establishment of the Association
We established a prayer room
SU recognition
Introduced official Membership
April 2021
Established a new organisational structure